Puerto Vallarta as safe as ever

Hello I just wanted to let everyone who follows my blog about PV that I really apreciate the great comments that you have had in relation to the articles and content on my website and newsletter. I will try to reiterate that PV is my home and the home to my wife and kids and we have a great time here and feel very safe. There is a scattered amount of crime just like any other city but just like the hurricanes, there is no place for viloent crime in this city. PV local economy is hurting right now and it needs to be helped by the poeple who have come and enjoyed the area in the past. This city does not need much but it does need tourism, it lives and thrives off of tourism and the locals are suffering because the tourism has been now been low for years.

Its really sad to see the streets without traffic and the boardwalks without people and the for rent signs on comercial spots all over town. Even though we are all surviving, the thriving bubling and culture driven city that still exists and needs to be awaken just needs everyone to set aside at least a week out of their year to come down and share and leave some of their troubles that always surround big city life. Now more than ever we need to relax and enjoy life and take the time to step back and look at the real important things in life which are friends family travel and leasure. Thanks again and spread positive thoughts about vallarta and its wonderful people.